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12- Natives using “white” racial slurs.



Idle No More native gang cyber harass & bully Canadians online 2013

Wanda Probe aka “bewytchmeradio” stalking and harassing online.


1473976_1399001657012159_1439499931_n 1483495_1399001650345493_1248832070_n 1483739_1399001653678826_1579584406_n all misspelled calling me stupid. half native-half white Boycott Sun News Dave Sanderson slandering Ezra Capture Capture-10 cyber stalkers -067 cyber stalkers -072 darlene Daryl Stretch is a typical white idiot who can go back to Europe daughter of a whore dave sanderson-white supremacist Deanna insane racism END Michele Tittler's Racism against Natives of North America Genocide is what Harper has in mind, he is racist genocide-10 genocide-11 go back to your own land Hitler... government raped us Harper is a genocidal murderer surrounded by pedophiles I winder how she'd feel if her children couldn't speak their language anymore if you don't like it, move I'm not like that, this is our land immigrant getting off for a piss insane blame towards Canada for 50,000 deaths insane-how would you like it if your children were raped it's called genocide Jordan Farrar saying white people are neandrthals-1 copy Jordan Farrar saying white people are neandrthals-1 Jordan Farrar saying white people are neandrthals-2 Jordan Farrar saying white people are neandrthals-3 Ken Decker lying about Sun News Kim Weaver comment calling Canadians squatters kkk Natasha Sandy-colonization Natasha Sandy-rant about white people native girl on page saying look what your cars do, what houses do native rant-1 native saying white people are all bad no incest until Europeans paying rent here raped RCMP are Canada's most deadly gangs Rhoda Rox using my name to say I had native kids (on Wanda Probe is) Ry Harper abusing us about her using her sisters story ryng Sophia Baldwin saying no tax money goes to natives sounds like Jody Haws to me Terrance Nelson friends with death threater Ingrid Bignell their way of death they will pay taxes to us natives ugly white bitch westerners have totally screwed this planet white christians are the problem white people have no right to the land.... WHITE PRIVILEGE poster white privilege white privilege-2 white she devil may you rot in hell whites are illegal immigrants whites are the rape incest people of the world WP FEATURED-12 red-white 1600x1600 yes genocide for 500 years you never had a heart you violated treaties